In operation since 1985, Elves’ Adult Program is a Community Access Day program in the Edmonton area, for up to 88 adult learners with severe disabilities . The program is run at Elves Adult & Youth Centre located at 10421-159 Street.

Admission Criteria

 Elves’ Adult Program is for learners who:
  • Are aged 20 and over.
  • Meet Ministry of Seniors Community and Social Services funding criteria.

Program Hours

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm all year round.

Why Choose Elves?

Growth and development doesn’t stop at childhood.
At Elves, we support our Adult Program clients in learning across their lifespan. Everything we do is directed toward an individual’s success in showcasing their abilities. As well, adapted supports for complex medical needs, high-staff ratios, and onsite therapy and nursing staff, ensure a safe place our learners can call their own.
Family Involvement
Family members are an important part of Elves’ Adult Program team.  We welcome input from family members and encourage their attendance at program conferences, outings, and at any time during the year. Regular parent group meetings are held to discuss issues of concern and interest as well as several social gatherings which are held throughout the year. Every parent/caregiver is offered opportunities to participate in support groups and social events.
Families are also provided community resources and referrals so that they may learn what opportunities are available throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas to support their child and themselves .
Environments Designed For Lifelong Learning

There is never a dull moment at Elves’ Adult Program. Each day there is something new and exciting happening, whether it is celebrating a birthday, heading out to go for a swim at the ACT Aquatic and Recreation Centre, or just taking part in one of the many clubs. Monthly dances, and a visit from our Entertainer of the Month, are also notable highlights.  Edmonton Public Libraries has continued to host a large group activity for Elves called Sing & Sign which involves story reading, signing to songs, and lots of other interactive fun.

The program plan is flexible, but generally covers the areas of daily living skills, social-emotional development, personal hygiene, recreation and leisure, and community access. The facility itself is designed with our learners’ needs in mind through access to specialized equipment such as walkers, standing frames, beds, computers, and communication devices. A barrier-free, enclosed courtyard with putting green and playground, provides a safe place for recreation when the weather is nice. When the temperature starts to drop, an accessible gym, activity room, and Snoezelen Room provide many spaces to focus on interests, learning, and having fun.

Instructors with a variety of backgrounds including rehabilitation, education, and social work, are onsite interacting and supporting all learners throughout their daily routines.

Community Outings and Volunteer Placements

Regular community outings are organized, both in groups and one-on-one. These include volunteer placements where learners can practice the functional skills they have developed at Elves.

Onsite Clinics

  • Physiatry
  • Home Nutritional Support
  • Adult Mental Health
Elves’ Team
  • Adult Program Director
  • Program Activity Coordinator
  • Staff Training Facilitator
  • Nurses
  • Instructors
  • Occupational and Physical Therapy


Are you interested in knowing when the next parent day is taking place, or how long the Adult Program will be closed over the next upcoming break? Check out Elves’ Adult Program Calendar

Closure Dates 2022- 2023

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