2019 The Canadian Kids: 2² Mongol Rally Run

We’re off on a proper adventure that hurls you deep into the abyss of the unknown:
55 Days, 23 Countries, 4 Adventurers, 1 TINY Car

Elves Special Needs Society: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/41990
Cool Earth: www.coolearth.org/get-involved/donate-cool-earth/

Our Mission:

The Canadian Kids are back at it again! Following their successful 2016 Rickshaw Run, Marty and her team will be travelling 18000 km (1/3 kilometers around the world!) to England, Mongolia, and Russia this time to raise money for their choice: Elves Special Needs Society. Rules may seem like the antithesis of unpredictable mayhem but to protect from the scourge of over-planning there are a few vital golden rules.

They ensure the Mongol Rally delivers top-drawer chaos. Our goal: 23 countries in 55 days, starting in England and ending in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. BUT we can’t leave our steed there. It MUST be delivered to Ulan Ude in Russia.

Our Team. Our Adventure.

The CANADIAN KIDS 2² consists of four foolhardy adventurers: Marty Cender and Lee Speer, David and Corinne Lamoureux, ready to embrace the rural and urban unknown. Our steed has been purchased: a 2003 Suzuki with an English right hand drive, just to enhance the adventure. Existing England on the “unroute” to Junktown, an apocalyptic fantast town set in an ex-military base from the cold-war era, just outside of Prague for the official Mongol Rally launch party. Our goal is 23 countries in 55 days ending in Ulan Ude, Siberia. Homeward bound, our steed and ourselves will transverse Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. All costs incurred for the Mongol Rally are at the Canadian Kids 2² personal expense.

Your generous donation goes directly to our charity of choice: Elves Special Needs Society, and the Mongol Rally event organizers choice: COOL EARTH. Thank you for your support!

About Elves Special Needs Society:
Elves is where possibility can become ability. The key is a partnership between the learner, their family, and their experts in the field of education, health and rehabilitation. Elves supports clients’ lifetime development and growth. Everything is geared towards personal success. On a more personal personal note, rally bad-ass Marty Cenders’ handicapped daughter is a long-time possibility to ability success story. The Canadian Kids 2² team is rallying behind the motto “abilities to possibility” and pushing their comfort zone, traveling from England to Russia, through unfamiliar countries with unfamiliar cultures in a very tiny car. Did we mention tiny? The goal is to raise funds for expansion of the Elves building, opening ‘possibilities’ for others.
Please donate generously!

This UK-based international NGO protects endangered rainforest, combating global warming, protecting ecosystems and providing employment for local people. Cool Earth receives its income through business partnerships, trust funds and individual contributions from over 50,000 sponsors in order to secure specific tracts of endangered rainforest. Less than 10% of Cool Earth’s supporter income is spent on administration.
Please donate generously!

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