• FIVE Things to Do With Your Child This Summer

    1. Get Dirty!
    Enjoy nature and the great outdoors as much as possible. In school, we expose your children to different indoor sensory activities. Take advantage of the sunshine and let nature expose your children to different sensory experiences: build sand castles, walk or roll on the grass, play in the water, search for bugs, or plant veggies to get your hands dirty together.

    2. Colour or Paint in a Standing Position!
    When you need a break from the sun, attach large pieces of paper to a wall in your home and let your child make art in a standing position. This can also be achieved with an easel if you are worried your child may think it is okay to colour on the wall when paper is no longer there. Colouring or writing on a vertical surface can help improve your child’s pencil grasp, increase wrist strength, and encourage use of the small muscles of the hands. This will all come in handy when school starts again in the Fall and printing practice begins.

    3. Do More Fun Activities that Strengthen Hand Muscles!
    Squeeze, pull, roll, and pinch play dough. Build with Lego. String beads. Sort small toys using salad tongs. Stay cool by squeezing spray bottles. Strong hands will make
    for stronger printers!

    4. Don’t Forget Hand Strength Depends on Core Strength!
    Do animal walks and wheelbarrow walks, or colour while lying on the floor to strengthen  the arms, as well as the core. Bring a bucket of sidewalk chalk outside.

    5. Develop Healthy Family Habits!
    Summer is a great time to start healthy habits or develop new ones.  Go for walks together after dinner.  Play family board games. Get away for the weekend. Get your child to help make fruit smoothies or other healthy snacks. Take turns picking a book to read together. The more you model healthy habits, whether they are physical, dietary, or speech and reading skills, the more likely your child will be to make those healthy habits their own.

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