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Winter Break Extension - January 03 to January 07, 2022

Elves School Program Families

On December 30, 2021, the Minster of Education announced the extension of Winter Break for K- 12 learners.  On December 31, 2021 schools received clarification that this extension also applies to all Early Childhood Services (ECS) children under Kindergarten age.  There will be no special needs exemptions made during this period. Therefore, the Elves School will not serve children or youth during the week of January 03 to January 07, 2022.  

During the upcoming week Elves School Program will be holding a Town Hall for Families and Caregivers (Meeting link to be included in an email to be sent to families on Monday).  In addition, please anticipate that your child’s teacher or a designate will contact your family twice next week (Tuesday and Thursday) to query illness for Elves students or extended family. 

Should there be further communications from the Ministry of Education, updates will be posted to Facebook with specific details forwarded to families caregivers and staff via email.

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