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Elves Adult Program Resource Website

Website Link: Elves Adult Program Resource Website

This website is dedicated to participants and families of Elves’ Adult Program to support continued learning and skill-building at home.

Here, you will find therapy resources like fine motor and sensory activities, emotional regulation and communication tools, clubs and activities, room-specific resources, as well as weekly group fitness exercises!

Make sure to check the site regularly as Adult Program news updates will be posted there as well!

Memo about Elves Adult Website Launch:

Dear Parents/Guardians and Caregivers,

Regarding: Elves Adult Website Launch

Since the March 16th closure of the Adult Program due to COVID-19, the program staff have been using various ways of keeping in touch with the clients, their families, and caregivers. Those methods range from phone calls, to YouTube videos and presentations, and window visits. We have also tried to support families by lending equipment. At this time we would like to take those various forms of communication to the next level by launching a website. We are starting the website not necessarily to eliminate the creative ways that the staff have been keeping in touch with you, but to unite everything under one umbrella. 

The website currently consists of several sections:

  • Home Page: Here you can find announcements and updates that affect the Elves Adult Program 
  • Therapy Resources: Where you can find activities and information to maintain participant skills.
  • Nursing: For health information relevant to Covid-19
  • Activities/Clubs: For engaging activities and learning materials
  • Rooms (sections for each room): To find information, activities, and learning materials pertaining to the participants in that room. The room sections will still allow staff to include YouTube presentations and other forms of communication that they have been using thus far. 

Links to this website will also be available through the Elves Facebook page and on the Elves main page under the Covid-19.
Check the site every Friday morning for new content. We will contact you through e-mail to describe new additions.

Director, Adult Program

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