Elves Special Needs Society

Elves’ Board of Directors

Elves’ organizational direction comes from both our Board of Directors and a number of committees associated with specific areas of Elves’ operations.

Elves acknowledges that our Board of Directors is a policy-governed Board and that all Board members shall agree to the expectation of confidentiality upon joining the Board. Respect for confidentiality is the cornerstone of trust and confidence, as well as a legislated obligation.

Elves’ Board of Directors shall consist of 12 elected members with regard to the mix of President and/or Directors.

Composition of Board of Directors: The total number of Board members who are parents/caregivers of clients in any Elves’ program shall be at least six:

  • Three from Adult Program
  • Two from School Program
  • One from Early Education Program
  • The remaining six Board members will be community members
  • If there is an insufficient number of parent/caregiver candidates in Elves’ three programs, parent/caregiver nominations shall be canvassed from any of Elves’ three programs. If there is still an insufficient number of parent/caregiver nominations, community members may be considered.
Members of Elves’ Board of Directors shall hold a two-year term of office and be elected at Elves’ Annual General Meeting. Board members shall be limited to two consecutive two-year terms; after an absence of one year. However, an individual may run for an additional two consecutive two-year terms.

Elves’ 2023/2024 Board of Directors was elected at Elves’ Annual General Meeting on November 22, 2023.

Position on Board Name
 PresidentHeather Fonteyne
 Vice-President Vacant
 TreasurerPeter Jansen
 SecretaryRaewyn Edwards
 Director Anna-May Choles
 Director Karen Ens
 Director Jason Fleury
 Director Maria Robin
 Director Jessica Troock
 DirectorNatalie Viezel
 Director Kristin Ward Diaz
 Director Terry Wright
 Executive DirectorBarb Tymchak Olafson
The Executive Committee shall consist of the following board members:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Immediate Past-President as an ex-officio member
 Other active committees include the following:
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Bylaw/Policy Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Location/Planning Committee

Parent Advisory Council

Elves’ Parent Advisory Council (PAC) provides ongoing advice to and consultation with Elves’ Board of Directors and  Executive Director in any matter respecting Elves’ Programs.

At least one elected Parent Advisory Council member shall be an elected Board member and shall be a parent/caregiver from Elves’ School Program.  Parent Advisory Council shall meet with Elves’ Board of Directors no less than three times a year. A Parent Advisory Council member’s term of office is two years.