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Other Resources

  • Alberta Health Services, Addiction and Mental Health
  • Alberta Quits – Alberta Quits can help you stop smoking. Free online community.
  • Autism Edmonton – Helps families and communities embrace and support people on the autism spectrum throughout their lives.
  • Bullying Helpline – If you’re a victim of bullying or abuse, trained staff are available at any time of day, or chat online from noon to 8 pm. Online chats and calls to the helpline are anonymous.
  • CanFASD – Canada FASD Research Network that provides resources for families and individuals dealing with the issue.
  • Catholic Social Services – Serving and employing people of ALL faiths and cultures, Catholic Social Services’ roots and traditions are based on the Catholic social teachings of social justice, human dignity, and the common good.
  • Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta (CPAA) –  At CPAA, the organization is creating a Life without Limits for individuals with disabilities and their families by providing programs and services, advocacy and education throughout the province of Alberta.
  • Cerebral Palsy Group – Online resource for those affected by cerebral palsy, brain injuries, or birth disorders.
  • Cerebral Palsy Guidance – Covers cerebral palsy from all angles–from symptoms, causes, and treatment, to daily living information, such as communication and transitioning to adulthood articles. Please note this is an American site, and Elves’ families would not be entitled to financial assistance.
  • Cerebral Palsy Guide –  Provides free educational information, financial options and emotional support for parents and children affected by cerebral palsy.
  • Child Development Encyclopedia – This Encyclopedia, published on the Internet, is available free of charge. It covers 47 topics related to the psychosocial development of the child, from conception to the age of five, and presents the most up-to-date scientific knowledge.
  • Children’s Ability Fund
  • The Edmonton Cerebral Palsy Association – The Edmonton Cerebral Palsy Association is an non-profit charitable organization.
  • Edmonton Christmas Bureau
  • Edmonton Down Syndrome Clinic – The Clinic Coordinator will act as a link between families and community programs to help coordinate care.
  • Edmonton Fetal Alcohol Network
  • Edmonton Food Bank
  • The Family Centre – The Family Centre helps children: Healing From Trauma, Navigating Through Change, Healthy Children and Families, Building Strong Relationships.
  • Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program – Parents of children with disabilities sometimes need support so they can raise their children at home and fully participate in community life.
  • Inform Alberta – If you are looking for information related to community programs, Inform Edmonton is a good place to start.
  • Sensory Processing Disorder  – Sensory processing refers to our ability to take in information through our senses (touch, movement, smell, taste, vision, and hearing), organize and interpret that information, and make a meaningful response.
  • Sign Language – Helpful resource showing people how to communicate using sign language.
  • The Support Network Distress Line