Family Oriented Programming

What is a FOP?

Family Oriented Programs (or FOPs) are offered free of charge to parents/caregivers of children who are enrolled in Elves’ Early Childhood Services and Grades 1-12 classrooms. The Family Oriented Programs are designed specifically to support parents/caregivers with information they can utilize while raising their children with special needs.

Each FOP will focus on a new topic such as sensory supports, picky eaters, toilet training, transition to Grade 1, and how to survive the summer months.


To check out the upcoming dates for FOPs please visit our FOP calendar.

How to Register

For your convenience there are two ways to register for the next FOP, either online or through the form sent home with your child. Please see below for more details:

1. Register online at

2. Additionally, registration forms are sent home with students prior to each scheduled FOP program which will include the following:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Brief summary of program
  • Any additional information such as if child care will be available, refreshments, etc.

If you choose to attend please fill out the bottom portion of the registration form, detach it, and return it to school with your child.


Current registration forms can be found below:

  • Please check back soon for the 2016-2017 registration forms.


If you have any questions please contact FOP Program Coordinator, Brynn Hinecker at 780-454-5310, ext 227.

For further information regarding FOPs please download the following :

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