Grades 1-12 School Day

If you’ve ever wondered what a typical school-day looks like for our Grade 1-12 learners, the time table below will provide an example:

Time Monday-Friday
8:45 am Student Arrival:  review of communication books and/or correspondence; medications or health concerns relayed to nursing staff.  Students who are mobile work on transition goals.
9:00 am Toilet Hygiene: each student is changed or toileted upon arrival, allowing staff to ensure student health.  If concerns are present, incident forms are completed and/or nursing staff informed.  Students are taught personal care and hygiene.Individual Programs: 1:1 learning activities are introduced.  In the case of our more mobile children, a free play time is encouraged for social skills, fine motor or cognitive development, etc.
9:45 am Circle/Conference Time:  theme-based group learning which might include the weather, calendar, current events, songs and rhymes, sign language to encourage listening and turn-taking skills, conversation skills and community awareness.  Knowledge assessment.

Therapy Sessions:  1:1 therapy sessions with occupational therapy, speech pathologist and/or physiotherapist.  Time is dependent upon student groupings.  Consultational intervention one to three times weekly, dependent upon need.

10:15 am Snack:  many students are on a bus early.  Many may be hungry or require fluids.  Daily living,/social skills/communication training and etiquette are included in this time.
10:30 am Individual Programs:  adapted Alberta Learning curriculum is introduced to students in their classrooms.  As well, personal goals from each student’s IPP are incorporated.  These activities are 1:1 or small group and may include goals such as reading/math development, making choices, personal care, daily living or computer skills.  Therapy may be incorporated into the classroom.  These are group sessions in the Snoezelen Room, kitchen or gym.  These sessions may occur several times throughout the day depending on student’s disability and therapy needs.
11:30 am Lunch Time:  Due to the high needs of our students, Elves has supervised lunches in the classroom.  Lunch time is instructional time; staff remain with students and teach eating and socialization skills.  Also, many of our students require G-tube feedings which must be supervised 1:1 and may need an extended time to complete a feeding depending on the student.
12:30 pm Hygiene:  Students are changed or toileted after lunch.  Students are taught personal hygiene and self-care at this time.
1:00 pm Individual Programs/Program Activities: In addition to IPP goals, modified curriculum is presented.  Students are involved in recreational activities such as community walks, gym time, crafts, cooking, or relaxation time in the Snoezelen Room (sensory room).  Each class has at least one session per week in the kitchen.   Field trips are planned for the education and interest of students, using our wheelchair accessible buses and vans.
2:00 pm Hygiene: Students are toileted or changed before dressing to go home.  Communication books are filled in regarding the day’s events as well as any school calendars or communications for families.  Lunch boxes and/or G-tube equipment are sent home to be cleaned for the next school day.
2:15 pm Dismissal: Students are supervised by staff until they are secured in the buses for transport home for the day.  Students who are mobile work on transition goals.


If you have any additional questions about an Elves’ school day please do not hesitate to contact us.