Elves Special Needs Society

Does your child have a favourite book that he/she asks you to read to them? Here are ways to make that book a great learning opportunity for your child while keeping it exciting for you too! 

DAY 1:  Read the book to your child as you normally would. 

DAY 2:  Read the book again, this time adding to it by talking about the pictures on each page (labeling objects or talking about what the characters are doing, etc. 

DAY 3:  Read a page and then ask your child to tell you (predict) what is going to happen next before you turn the page.  Continue this prediction game throughout the book. 

DAY 4:  Read the book again and purposely make mistakes (e.g., if the dinosaur goes into the store,  say “the dinosaur went into the pool.”  See if your child can pick out your mistakes. 

DAY 5:  Have your child “read” the book to you.  Even though your child will not be able to actually “read” the words, have him or her tell you the story in their own words. Let us know what your child’s favourite book is to read in the comments!